Published Work

Portfolio of Published Work, 2011-2017


Gun control: Mother’s Day tragedy revives reform debate

The debate over gun control in the U.S. has caught fire in recent months, in the wake of several mass homicides. The bombing at the Boston Marathon on April 15th has citizens clamoring for reform and the government is slow to respond. Many feel this calls for a reassessment of the way the country views homicides.


The world has already voted in the US election

Following the 2012 US presidential election campaign  from the other side of the world gave me a really unique perspective on American politics and how the rest of the world views the decisions we make. I was inspired to write a news piece that illustrated the clarity that comes of seeing issues from a global perspective.



Calls for secession: Did someone fire at Fort Sumter again?

Following Obama’s win in November, citizens of all 50 states petitioned for secession from the union via a government site called “We the People”. This article considers the fuel behind US decision-making and what impact this kind of activity has around the globe.


 Cybersecurity career experts: Mobile app security skills hot in 2012

According to several security industry experts, mobile security is the biggest threat to consider this year. This article offers a close examination of mobile trends and dissects the future prospects available to information security development.