I love inspiration. It’s both ephemeral and eternal—like the glow of a distant but cherished childhood memory.  As a reader, writer, and creative-brain, I enjoy helping people discover what drives them. What turns a flicker into a flame.

Living, writing, and painting around the globe has brought a light and energy to all my professional endeavors. I explore the world with the open-eyed, open-eared fidelity of a curious mind. As as a facilitatory agent, my goal is to focus on content that promotes diversity, equity, and justice. Strong content is the cake batter of social reform; in the right context, it has the power to inspire change and foster a global sense of community and respect. As the world grows smaller, I look forward to embracing the digital infrastructures of our future.

If you have a growing business and need assistance with creative or editorial projects, please contact me through the form below. I offer the following services upon request:

copy editing, copywriting, proofreading, news writing, blogging, curriculum design