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I love inspiration. It’s both ephemeral and eternal—like the flickering glow of a distant but cherished childhood memory.  As a reader, writer, and creative-brain, I love helping people discover what drives them. What turns a flicker into a flame.

With several years of experience and a master’s degree in publishing, I have a very broad understanding of the digital revolution and what it means to  be ‘published’ in 2017. I have experience in every area of communications, from royalties and stakeholder relations to the finite details of content production. Currently I work as the Head of Production and Publishing for Nearpod, where I manage a team to 10 to create multichannel content for B2B delivery. Having worked for digital publishing leaders like TechTarget and Faircount Media, I am fluent in the wiles of online content distribution and have cultivated a strong sense of journalistic integrity.

Most importantly, living, writing, and painting around the globe has brought a light and energy to all my professional endeavors. I explore the world with the open-eyed, open-eared fidelity of a curious mind. I work each day to cultivate my sense of global awareness via the raw honesty of pen and canvas. My goal is to facilitate content that promotes diversity, equity, and justice, while inspiring a global sense of community and respect. As the world grows smaller, I look forward to embracing the digital infrastructures of our future.

If you have a growing business and need assistance with creative or editorial projects, please contact me through the form below. Upon request, I offer the following services:

copy editing, copywriting, proofreading, news writing, blogging, curriculum design