Digital Publishing: How to produce top-quality content

I am a creative crackerjack and I love inspiring others. I offer my services as a Digital Publishing Consultant, helping people define what “good content” means to them.

With several years of experience working in communications and a master’s degree in publishing, I have a very broad understanding of the digital revolution and what it means to  be ‘published’ in 2014. I have experience as a writer, editor, publicist, content manager, project manager, social media manager, and graphic designer. Having worked for digital publishing leaders such as Faircount Media and Nearpod, I am fluent in the complex language of online content distribution and have a strong sense of journalistic integrity.

Most of all, traveling, living, and writing across the globe has afforded me a cosmopolitan perspective that brings a light and energy to all my professional endeavors. As the world grows smaller, I look forward to embracing the digital infrastructures of our future.

If you have a growing business and  need assistance planning, writing, editing,  illustrating, or evangelizing you brand, please contact me through the form below.